The busiest and most popular eating establishments in the country choose National Pavement because we understand the unique challenges associated with servicing restaurant parking lots. Whether it’s drive-thru access and flow, breakfast, lunch, and dinner rushes, or curb appeal that may attract or discourage customers, our pavement professionals work to improve the condition of your parking lots in a way that does not impact your customers or operations.


The welcoming environment every hotel wants to establish for its guests begins at the entrance to the property. A clean, well marked parking lot, free of potholes, cracks and other trip hazards is the first impression your guests have of your hospitality brand. Partner with National Pavement to upgrade and maintain your hotel parking lot. A proactive asphalt maintenance program that includes sealcoating, crack sealing, and line striping not only keeps your properties looking hospitable but extends the life of your asphalt.


National Pavement knows that owners and managers of multiple property portfolios want a trusted and skilled asphalt maintenance partner—one who delivers value in the form of cost-friendly solutions, comprehensive maintenance programs, and genuine partnerships. That relationship also includes responding to unscheduled parking lot repair and maintenance needs as they arise. If an asphalt overlay or full mill and pave scope is needed, National Pavement is your one-stop, long-term partner with an established track record working on your properties.


National Pavement recognizes that RFPs, budgets, and the day-to-day issues of maintaining a property or properties with parking lots can be challenging. We work with property managers and management companies to reconcile budgets with scopes needed. National Pavement partners with property managers to consolidate efforts and resources. We offer a suite of asphalt maintenance scopes which keeps costs down while delivering quality results.


National Pavement is the ideal partner for residential properties like apartment buildings/complexes and condominiums. Our experience with homeowner associations and capital improvement procedures means your projects are both well planned and professionally executed. Budgets that dictate various asphalt scopes and pavement maintenance programs are outlined to meet immediate needs as well as long range goals. Individual property rules regarding noise and other restrictions are integrated into every plan and our teams work closely with management and residents at every location to ensure a safe and minimally disruptive execution.


Public and private schools as well as colleges and universities have partnered with National Pavement for 50 years. Students, faculty and parents who walk and drive in and around busy campuses rely on well marked parking lots, walkways and access points with visible signage, clearly marked crosswalks, ADA compliant parking and ramps and also safe playgrounds. Often much of the work can be done with no impact on school activities over the summer or during school breaks. As always, National Pavement prioritizes safety for all and coordinates with school officials to ensure a safe work area at schools.


National Pavement has been planning parking lots for 50 years and partnering with every type of public property to meet Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requirements for nearly 30 years. Handicapped parking, ramps, and signage requirements must meet the federally regulated standards. For hospitals this is a particularly important point because many their visitors and patients require assistance and access 24 hours a day. Healthcare facilities and hospitals rely on National Pavement’s well established expertise to maintain their parking lots.


The largest and best known retail chains in the country trust National Pavement for their asphalt maintenance and paving needs. We partner with our clients to create schedules and timelines that not only address the identified parking lot issues but also ensure uninterrupted regular business operations during execution. Our project managers maintain open lines of communication with each site manager. We work with our retail clients to fully understand and adhere to brand standards and requirements. Our paving partners efficiently execute the plan without ever sacrificing safety or quality.