Asphalt repairs are an essential component for any comprehensive pavement maintenance program. Repairs can address an immediate problem like weather and water damage, plow damage, potholes and severe cracks and other trip hazards.


Like asphalt repairs, concrete repairs can address parking lot issues right away. The repairs to concrete, which is often used for high foot traffic areas like sidewalks and building entrances as well loading docks where heavily loaded trucks drive and park, should be addressed immediately. Concrete crews are specialized professionals, so working with an experienced, trusted and skilled concrete contractor is very important.


Crack sealing as a maintenance program component serves two very important functions:

(1) Small cracks left unattended become large cracks over time. If a crack becomes too large, crack sealing is not an option to repair it. Cracks are trip hazards and can cause vehicle damage, increasing the property owner’s liabilities.

(2) Untreated cracks allows moisture to penetrate the asphalt surface. Water will destabilize the sub base and lead to erosion causing potholes and sinkholes, water and ice damage and unseen weakening of the entire asphalt surface over time.


A regular sealcoating program can extend the life of your asphalt for several years. This cost saving pavement maintenance program not only protects your asphalt surfaces from damaging UV rays and moisture seepage but also instantly improves curb appeal with a rich, dark and revitalizing coat of protection for your pavement. Sealcoating is often paired with crack sealing and line striping to create a proactive and cost saving asphalt maintenance program.