Asphalt Repair

Repair or resurface your asphalt surface with the help of National Pavement

National Pavement has been a top asphalt repair company, serving locations all across the United States. Our commitment to high-quality service and materials provides asphalt that stands the test of time, endures weather, and withholds structural integrity throughout use.

We offer a variety of asphalt repair services to ensure that all of your asphalt needs are cared for. Having more than 50 years, National Pavement has been perfecting the asphalt repair process and helping businesses fix their worn and damaged parking lots and asphalt spaces.

Blacktop Paving & Sealing

A well-developed blacktop surface provides more than just a fresh new look. Properly repairing asphalt can help your blacktop last longer, requiring less maintenance in the future. National Pavement includes best practices for asphalt repair to not only help you restore your current blacktop, but also to provide a more durable replacement, saving you cost and time.

Asphalt Repair Services

Asphalt repair can include a variety of different services, depending on the needs of your business. Whether you are looking for a small repair job such as asphalt crack sealing or a complete asphalt overlay of your existing blacktop, we are the asphalt contractors who can help.

Asphalt Sealing

Cracks in your asphalt can seem like a non-issue, but leaving them untreated can damage the structure of your asphalt and can expand over time, turning cracks into large breaks. Learn more about our asphalt sealing service.

Asphalt Overlay

If you have an existing asphalt surface that still has fundamental integrity but requires a new surface, an asphalt overlay is what you need. We can add a new layer of asphalt to your blacktop surface to restore the original look and functionality of your asphalt the first time it was placed. Learn more about our asphalt overlay service.

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