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Over 50 years of precise, accurate line striping service!

Pavement Marking is Where it all Began

National Pavement began in 1966 with a single line striping machine and a dedication to providing amazing customer service. As we’ve grown our parking lot and road line painting company into a comprehensive paving contractor with award-winning national prominence, we still hold on to our hometown values, integrity, and excellent service that led us to success to begin with.

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Road Surface Marking

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No matter the size or scope of the project at hand, our work is completed by an experienced team of professionals to conduct pavement marking and line striping with excellence. Not only does meticulous attention to detail and a focus on precision and accuracy ensure your parking lot looks flawless, but it provides an improved customer experience.

Prevent Bad Street Lines

If you are seeking perfection in line striping and road surface marking, National Pavement has your back. We use the latest in technology and tools to provide the most accurate pavement marking’s for your business needs.

Why is accuracy and precision essential? Drivers rely on clear, straight lines to guide them while they drive. Whether it’s a road or a parking lot, when a driver can’t see the lines clearly or the lines are blurred, they are more likely to make mistakes, such as trying to pass in a no-passing zone or simply parking over the designated lines. These can easily lead to accidents and damaged vehicles.

Working with road line painting companies that don’t take the time or the proper care to make sure the lines are correctly done – meaning they won’t bleed or blur and they’ll stand up to traffic and weather – is a poor investment for your company or municipality. You’ll have to have the lot marked sooner, and in the meantime, you may even face liability issues. .

Parking Lot Line Striping That Lasts

Line striping and pavement markings play an important role in protecting your customers’ property and safety. By ensuring lines are accurately spaced and striped, you can feel confident that your customers will be safe getting in and out of their vehicles and their vehicles will remain undamaged due to poorly drawn or faded parking lines.

The most effective parking striping layout uses bright, durable line striping for stalls and arrows for entrances, exits, and directional flow in parking lots. Other crucial markings include ADA-compliant handicap parking spaces, clearly marked fire lane areas, and more. Using an established, experienced company like National Pavement ensures your parking areas and roadways are safe and easy to navigate.

Road Surface Marking Materials and Line Striping Paint

There are several types of marking materials, and each has unique advantages. We will assess your needs to determine which material will be best for your pavement marking needs:

  1. Solvent-Based Paints – while many types of solvent-based paint have been banned due to environmental concerns, acetone or epoxy-based paints can still be used in some areas. This type of material is durable and will not freeze, which makes it ideal for areas that experience long, cold winters.
  2. Water-Based Paint – this is the most affordable and eco-friendly line striping material. Although water-based paint is one of the most commonly used road marking materials and offers the easiest cleanup, it is one of the least durable options.
  3. Pavement Marking Tapes – tapes can be used for temporary or permanent road markings. For permanent line striping, they can be inlaid into asphalt during paving or they can be grooved into paving to help reduce damage from snow plowing during the winter.
  4. Thermoplastic Paint – this type of paint is most commonly used on highways due to its extreme durability. Thermoplastic road markings are applied using a specialized torch that heats both the asphalt and the paint so the materials bond strongly.

Reflective Road Surface Markings

We can use glass beads to turn any line striping paint into a highly reflective pavement markings. Hard Money Property explains that this is ideal for creating lines that are highly visible to drivers at night or in wet conditions. While there are a variety of glass beads available, each manufactured or cut for specific reflective uses, we can help you determine what kind is right and apply them for an optimal reflective surface.

Professional Road Marking Contractors

We are honored that our passion for quality work, customer service, and precision has led to our company being recognized by numerous professional associations. More important than that are the partnerships we’ve created with our clients. Because we are recognized for our value and personalized approach, we proudly work with some of the largest companies in the country, providing them with expert-level road marking services.

From major chains like Walmart, Red Robin, and Sam’s Club to Home Depot, Rite-Aid, and Walgreens, our professional line striping and pavement marking services are second to none. As a road line painting company that has held onto its hometown roots, we don’t just serve large businesses. We take great pride in offering the same, exceptional service to the small businesses we work with all over the country as well.

Pavement Markings FAQ’s

What Are Pavement Markings?

Pavement markings are used to indicate how traffic should behave on both the road, as well as parking lots. Pavement markings include signs such as arrows, parking lines, accessibility parking, and much more. The pavement marking services offers at National Pavement include both road and parking lot solutions to properly direct the traffic for your business.

What Do The Yellow Pavement Markings On The Road Indicate?

Yellow pavement markings on the road are visible on two-way traffic roads. There are two different yellow pavement markings that can be seen on roads: broken yellow center lines and solid yellow center lines. A broken yellow centerline indicates that a driver may pass on the two-way road. A solid yellow centerline indicates that no passing is allowed on the two-way road.

What Is The Basic Meaning Of White Pavement Markings?

White pavement markings are used to direct traffic flow through arrows, as well as indicate if passing is allowed on the road. White directional arrows will be available on the street to indicate turn lanes and traffic direction. Broken white lines indicate that lane-changing is acceptable on the street. Solid white lines indicate that you should stay in your lane and also mark the shoulder of the roadway.

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