Asphalt Paving and Milling

Discover how milling is a cost-effective technique with environmentally friendly benefits!

Asphalt Paving

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As a full-service paving company, we can help restore your broken asphalt, replace your current asphalt lot, or pave a brand-new asphalt surface for your business. Each job is examined in depth in order to provide our clients with the best possible service for their specific needs.

Benefits of Asphalt

  • An asphalt lot will last, on average, 15-20 years. With sealcoating, you can get even more life out of it!
  • Asphalt is great for noise reduction as the surfaces materials used absorb road noise.
  • It is more affordable than concrete.
  • An asphalt lot can be installed very quickly.
  • Asphalt is excellent for water drainage as it is a porous surface. This allows water to pass through the asphalt into the gravel base, where it then filters back into the ground.

Whether you need blacktop paving from scratch or your current lot needs maintenance, we can help. Our asphalt paving services include:

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Asphalt Milling

Asphalt milling is the process of removing the top layer of asphalt to an even depth without disturbing the subbase underneath. When the top layer has been removed, new asphalt can be laid down without increasing the height of the road. If the subbase of your lot is sound, milling saves you time and money by repairing only the damaged part of your blacktop.

How is Asphalt Milling Done?

We use a large piece of equipment called a milling machine to remove the top layer of asphalt and recycle it.

A large cutting drum on the machine chews up the existing asphalt and a vacuum sucks up the milled material to be deposited on the conveyance system where it is moved to a dump truck. These machines work together to break up and collect the material.

Once the asphalt milling machine has removed the asphalt and the material has been sent to the dump truck, the surface is swept and cleaned. Cleaning the surface helps create a strong bond between the old and new asphalt.

Benefits of Asphalt Milling

Asphalt milling is beneficial for both consumers and the environment! The ground-up material is used as an aggregate in fresh asphalt, reducing or eliminating the amount of new material needed to repave a lot. This also cuts the cost of having your lot repaved.

Asphalt milling is much quicker than other pavement removal methods and produces a stronger finish.

Micro Milling for a Smoother Surface

Micro milling removes a thin layer of existing asphalt before a new layer of asphalt is applied. Rather than the deep ruts and cracks removed during traditional milling and asphalt paving, micro milling works better for shallow ruts and smaller cracks. Micro milling is often less expensive than traditional methods while providing a significantly smoother final surface because of the finer texture of the asphalt.

Asphalt Milling FAQs

Is Asphalt Milling Safe For The Environment?

Yes! Asphalt milling is a great example of how we can make construction repair environmentally friendly as milling takes the top layer of asphalt and grinds it up to be used in another project. None of the materials are thrown in a landfill and they are properly recycled into a future project.

Does Milling & Paving Make Driving More Comfortable?

Yes! There is a noticeable difference between driving on a smooth surface compared to driving on a bumpy surface that is filled with potholes and cracks. Asphalt milling and paving leads to safer and more comfortable roads to drive on.

Does Asphalt Paving Lead To Safer Roads?

Asphalt paving and asphalt milling lead to safer roads because they allow for smoother driving surfaces as well as easier to see road lines. Roads that are filled with potholes and cracks can be unsafe to drive on because of the difficulty of seeing road lines as well as attempting to dodge potholes can cause for hazardous driving conditions.

What Does An Asphalt Milling Machine Do?

An asphalt milling machine works by grinding off the very top layer of the asphalt but leaving the bottom layer intact. This allows for new asphalt to be placed on the top of the surface to create a smooth driving surface without having to redo the entire surface.

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