A cost-effective protection to maintain the look of your parking lot!

What is Sealcoating?

Sealcoating is a protective coating that is applied over asphalt to prevent water, oil, and UV rays from fading or cracking your parking lot. It’s applied as a liquid, and as it dries, it seals to a deep black, glossy finish.

At National Pavement, our teams have sealed more than 10 million square yards of pavement since the 1980’s. We know how to do it right, so your parking lot looks fantastic and is protected to withstand the harshest elements.

Sealcoating Extends the Life of Your Asphalt

After fresh asphalt is laid, your parking lot looks fresh, clean, and adds curb appeal to your property. However, asphalt is a naturally porous material, and rain, snow, and temperature changes cause cracks and buckling over time, while harsh sunlight fades the surface.

Sealcoating creates an impermeable layer over your parking lot to block out those elements that degrade asphalt and cause unsightly, dangerous cracks. It can add years to the life of your parking lot, saving you time and money on your lot upkeep. As an added benefit, it also speeds the melting of snow and ice!

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