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We work with a variety of businesses nationwide, providing asphalt paving, line striping and more!


The busiest and most popular eating establishments in the country choose National Pavement because we understand the unique challenges associated with servicing restaurant parking lots. Whether it’s drive-thru access and flow, breakfast, lunch, and dinner rushes, or curb appeal that may attract or discourage customers, our asphalt paving professionals wor


Hotel parking lot paving

A clean, well-marked parking lot, free of potholes, cracks and other trip hazards is the first impression your guests have of your hospitality brand. Partner with National Pavement to upgrade and maintain your hotel parking lot and keep that welcoming exterior for your guests. A proactive asphalt maintenance program that includes sealcoating, crack sealing, and line striping not only keeps your properties looking hospitable but extends the life of your asphalt.


National Pavement knows that owners and managers of multiple property portfolios want a trusted and skilled asphalt paving contractor—one they can rely on to deliver quality work on-time and within budget, even responding to unscheduled parking lot repair and maintenance needs as they arise. If an asphalt overlay or full mill and pave scope is needed, National Pavement is your one-stop, long-term partner with an established track record working on your properties.

REITS paving service


Property Management paving company

National Pavement recognizes that RFPs, budgets, and the day-to-day issues of maintaining a property or properties with parking lots can be challenging. We work with property managers and management companies nationwide to handle their parking lot issues in a way that supports their budget constraints without sacrificing quality.


National Pavement is the ideal paving contractor for residential properties, including apartment complexes and condominiums. We work with you to plan and execute asphalt paving solutions that align with your budget while maintaining a safe, attractive parking lot that homeowners or renters will love while attracting new residents.

National Pavement HOAS apartments


Education Parking lot paving

Public and private schools as well as colleges and universities have partnered with National Pavement for 50 years. Students, faculty and parents who walk and drive in and around busy campuses rely on well marked parking lots, walkways and access points with visible signage, clearly marked crosswalks, ADA compliant parking and ramps and also safe playgrounds. Often much of the work can be done with no impact on school activities over the summer or during school breaks. As always, National Pavement prioritizes safety for all and coordinates with school officials to ensure a safe work area at schools.


In addition to quality service, we specialize in ADA compliance for parking lots. From ensuring the appropriate width of spaces to attractive, clear line striping, we will work with you to establish a compliant parking lot that is accessible for all types of vehicles and foot traffic. Hospitals and healthcare facilities nationwide rely on National Pavement for asphalt paving and line striping services.

Healthcare parking lot


Retail Paving

The largest and best known retail chains in the country trust National Pavement for their asphalt maintenance and paving needs. From maintaining sidewalks and loading docks to updating your parking lines for ADA compliance, we provide the services you need to keep an appealing exterior that is safe for your customers!

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