Project Management

If your job title or duties include:

Property Owner/Manager • Facilities Manager

Real Estate In Trust (REIT) Management

Operations Manager • Director of Maintenance

General or Regional Manager

Director of Procurement

Condominium Board of Trustees/Condo Association Member

  • Identify existing asphalt and paving needs on a single property or across a portfolio of sites and determine budget(s).
  • Partner with a trusted and skilled asphalt maintenance and paving contractor through research or RFP process.
  • Once selected, work with your paving contractor to schedule a professional evaluation of the work site(s).
  • Determine a paving and/or asphalt maintenance program that addresses both immediate needs and long-term solutions for your parking lots. Don’t forget to include ADA compliance, walkways, access roads, bollards and signage.
  • Working with your assigned Project Manager, schedule all needed work with timelines, deadlines, QC procedures, sign-off authorizations, project phasing and most importantly clear lines of communication with your site coordinator.
  • Upon completion of the project, the Project Manager and on-site coordinator walk the property to review and approve all of the specified work.

You have a clean, well-marked parking lot, free of cracks, potholes and other trip hazards or liabilities. It is a clear indicator of your brand’s level of customer service and professionalism. It is the very first physical contact anyone has with your company. The condition of your parking lot tells customers, residents, visitors and even potential investors the current status of your business. Safety, curb appeal as well as cost saving preventative measures taken consistently over time increases the value of your property.