At National Pavement our paving and milling teams are asphalt professionals dedicated to meeting all of your parking lot needs. Our network of contractors deliver superior workmanship and unmatched customer service before, during and after the process of upgrading your property’s largest asset. Our customer-first personalized approach means that the work is done with no disruption to regular business operations.


Asphalt overlays can be a budget-friendly solution to parking lot issues when conditions allow. As the term suggests, new asphalt is put down over the older existing pavement, eliminating the milling process. Schedule a free parking lot assessment with National Pavement to see if an asphalt overlay is the right choice for your parking lot.


National Pavement has a network of experienced concrete partners who specialize in everything from large surface areas to intricate concrete work. Heavy load bearing areas like commercial loading docks require concrete surfaces. High traffic walkways, sidewalk ramps, and concrete or granite curbing along with bollards and car stops also need skilled concrete installations.


Sealcoating is a cost effective pavement maintenance procedure that not only protects and seals asphalt surfaces, but also extends the life of your parking lot while providing instant curb appeal. National Pavement recommends pairing crack sealing and line striping with sealcoating for a proactive asphalt repair program.


Crack sealing, as part of a comprehensive asphalt repair program, protects and extends the life of your pavement. The damaging effects of water seeping through cracks in asphalt surfaces will cause potholes, alligatoring, and eventually total parking lot failure. National Pavement works with customers to create a proactive crack sealing program which reduces liabilities associated with tripping and falling injuries and even vehicle damage.


The heart and soul of National Pavement is our self-performing line striping, pavement marking, and parking lot planning crews. Our hometown approach to the precision art of safely and accurately defining parking areas has been built by skilled stripers over the course of 50 years in the industry. No matter the size or scope of the project, our meticulous team of seasoned professionals put the final touch on every newly paved or freshly sealcoated asphalt surface we work on.

Learn more about the multi-site pavement marking capabilities of Parker Line Striping here.


National Pavement is your skilled and knowledgeable ADA partner. The Americans with Disabilities Act outlines proper access and parking regulations for property owners. Handicapped parking with required spacing, pavement marking, and signage is strictly regulated. Properly pitched wheelchair ramps and railings and clearly marked access points all must meet federal requirements in order for property owners to be considered ADA compliant. National Pavement ADA compliance teams will evaluate and update your parking lot today.